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Base Jump Systems:
Designed for residents and employees of high rise buildings, in case of emergency.  Contact us directly for more details.

Canadian Aerosports Inc. (CAI) is the only sport parachute designer and manufacturer of complete systems, in Canada.  Designs are available for each type of sky diving and a variety of components for other types of aerosports. 

At CAI, we devote a lot of attention to detail to ensure the highest level of quality control, safety and performance.  Each new product undergoes extensive testing and is designed according to comments and suggestions from sky divers and drop zone (DZ) operators. 

Our products are what YOU want.

Over the past 25 years, we have made products for many individuals, gold medal winning teams, organizations, drop zones, sky diving schools, suppliers, contracts, custom props for the film industry, and industrial products (mini parachutes / drogues).  

Blue Skies!
Garnet (Chris) Stephen, President

Canadian Aerosports Inc.
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Mission, BC
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